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If you can’t be there in person next week in San Jose, we’ll miss you — but you can still join in the fun:

  • We’ll have live webcasts every day, thanks to the generous support of San Jose State University, Google, and Microsoft,
  • For those who prefer radio, the Dr. Katherine Albrecht show will be broadcasting live from the conference as well.

Webcasts will be streamed on our web site at We’ll have live broadcasts starting at 9:30 a.m. (Pacific Daylight Time) on Tuesday June 15, ending up on Friday afternoon with the final debate and voting on the Social Network Users’ Bill of Rights. During the times we’re not broadcasting live, we’ll rebroadcast earlier sessions. The detailed schedule's below.

Long-time CFP attendee Katherine Albrecht will be broadcasting “talk radio with a freedom twist” live from the conference on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Her show is syndicated by the Genesis Communication Network; listening instructions are here.


9:30: Opening remarks
9:45: Privacy and Free Speech: It's Good for Business
11:15: Online Information Brokers and Privacy: Where’s the Balance?
1:00: Presentation of the ACM SIGCAS Making a Difference award and Intro to the Privacy Enhancing Technology Fair
1:15: Activism and Social Networking: Advocating for Privacy
2:45: Bills of rights for social network sites
5:00: Keynote: The Importance of the Accountable and Privacy-Centric Organization in the Cloud Era: Why Privacy Matters (Peter Cullen, Microsoft)


9:30: Can we be smart and private: Intelligent Transportation Systems
11:00: History of Cypherpunks
12:30 - 7:00: Rebroadcast of Tuesday sessions, Details TBD


9:30: Keynote: Human Rights and the Web (Kent Walker, Google)
11:15: Can an App Do That?
1:00 - 7:00: Rebroadcast of Tuesday sessions, Details TBD
7:00: Twitter chat on the #BillOfRights hashtag


9:30: Robots and Civil Liberties
11:00: Cybersecurity Policy and the Role of .Orgs
1:00: Announcement of CFP 2011
1:15: A Social Network Users' Bill of Rights: Debate
3:30: A Social Network Users' Bill of Rights: Voting