Privacy, Activism, & Social Networking: Protecting Privacy While Running a Media Campaign in 140 Characters or Less

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Everyone with a message is desperate to take advantage of social networking tools and new media to get out their message. But using social media for activism can involve sharing sensitive information, and popular social media tools like Facebook are regularly slammed for privacy missteps. What's an activist to do? This panel will discuss the privacy benefits and drawbacks of using social media, how panelists have addressed privacy issues, and how they use social networking to get out their message.


  • Tamar Gubins: Technology and Civil Liberties Policy Associate, ACLU of Northern California. Moderator.
  • Janet Fouts: Founder, Social Media Coaching Center and Sr. Partner, Tatu Digital Media
  • Deborah Pierce: Executive Director, Privacy Activism.
  • David Roth: Law Student, Santa Clara University.
  • Danny O'Brien: Internet Advocacy Coordinator, Committee to Protect Journalists.