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The Program Guide has information about all the sessions in a single nicely-formatted PDF document

See the broadcast schedule for webcast information

Tuesday, June 15 Wednesday, June 16 Thursday, June 17 Friday, June 18
8:30 a.m.: Networking breakfast
9:30: Opening Remarks
9:45: Privacy and Free Speech: It's Good for Business
9:30: Parallel sessions: 9:30: Keynote: Human Rights and the Web (Kent Walker, Google) 9:30 Parallel Sessions:
11:15: Plenary: Online Information Brokers and Privacy: Where’s the Balance? 11:00: Parallel Sessions: 11:15: Parallel sessions: 11:00: Parallel sessions:


1:15: Privacy Enhancing Technology Fair

Parallel Sessions:

1:15 Unconference: self-organizing sessions on a wide variety of topics 1:30 Parallel Sessions: 1:00: Announcement of CFP 2011

1:15 Closing Plenary Forum: A Social Network Users' Bill of Rights:
2:45: Privacy Enhancing Technology Fair continues

Parallel Sessions:

2:00: Parallel Sessions:

3:00 Unconference continues

3:00: Parallel sessions: 3:30 Closing Plenary Forum continues: A Social Network Users' Bill of Rights:
5:00: Keynote: The Importance of the Accountable and Privacy-Centric Organization in the Cloud Era: Why Privacy Matters (Peter Cullen, Microsoft)
7:00: Dine around town 7:00: Reception at San Jose City Hall 5:00: Birds of a Feather session: final drafting for the Social Network Users' Bill of Rights
7:00 Twitter chat on the #BillOfRights hashtag