When Health Care Data Goes Digital

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Our medical records, prescriptions, and other health care information is going digital and much of it is getting networked and exchanged. With mass digitization and health exchanges being fueled by cash from the Obama administration and business, health care data is set to become one of the most significant privacy and security challenges. This panel brings together the key experts shaping the guidelines determining how health information will be handled in the state of California. Panelists will lay out the privacy and security issues in digital health information, including laying out health information data flows in California and elsewhere and give an update on where things stand today, with discussion of future expectations, challenges, and potential solutions.


  • Pam Dixon: Executive Director, World Privacy Forum, co-chair of California Privacy and Security Advisory Board. Moderator.
  • Lee Tien: Senior Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).
  • Bill Barcelona: Vice President, Government Affairs - California Association of Physician Groups (CAPG).
  • JoAnne McNab: Chief, California Office of Privacy Protection.
  • David Nelson: Chief Privacy Officer, San Diego County.